Candidate Requirement Form
Candidate Requirement - Managed HR Service

Please Note:

Salary Range: SGD$450 -$700

Please Note:

Salary Range: SGD$700 -$1000

Please Note:

Salary Range: SGD$1000 -$1800

Please Note:

Salary Range: SGD$1800 -$5000

Please Note.

Travelling requirement needed to be discussed with the candidates as some may have travelling restriction due to family or legal requirement. If this is very important requirement, please discuss this with us separately.

Overtime Rate - Weekday

First 8 Hours = 2x Hourly Rate.

Thereafter up to 12 hours Max = 4x Hourly Rate


Overtime Rate - Public Holiday - Weekend - Non Working Days

First 5 Hours = 2x Hourly Rate.

Thereafter up to 8 hours Max = 4x Hourly Rate


Plus: SGD $ 30 Meal and Transport allowance in any overtime day.

Overtime does not apply to manager level.

#Hourly Rate: 1/173 x Monthly Salary


MinimalConversationalRead and Write
Not RequiredNice to HaveBasicAdvance
Google Doc / Word
Google Sheet / Excel
Google Slides / Powerpoint
Gmail / Outlook
Google Drive / One Drive
Photoshop / GIMP / other Image Editor
Basic Wordpress

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