About Us

POGEN V PTE LTD is a Leading Business Consulting Company since 2004. 

POGEN V PTE LTD has been the Choice Growth Partner for SME* Companies in Singapore and the Regions. We provide the Management Solutions for SME Companies to compete in today’s marketplace and  to elevate their businesses through Structured, Sustainable and Scalabilitty Approach to Business Management.

We have been helping SME to Systemized their marketing and sales Strategy, Automating their business processes and providing Human Capital Solutions to ensure the Sustainable Growth for the Future.

POGEN V PTE LTD Core Values are 5Cs:

1. We will Conduct Our Business On The Principle of Integrity and Honour
 2.  We will Communicate Openly and Credibly
3. We will be Creative and Innovative in Our Approach
4. We will Commit to our Client’s Satisfaction
5. We will Continuously Seek to Improve ourself and Bring More Values to our clients

Note: SME – Small Medium Enterprise.